Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Invasion noway!


Let us prevent the Empire — under any pretext or on behalf of any organization — from invading Libya. Everybody — at least, in the Third World — knows very well how this kind of intervention ends up.
Let the Libyans resolve their problems by their own selves — as, besides, they are nearly doing.
Together, we can!
(1) For that has been the first war in history decided by your click in a page of a social network (especially Facebook and Twitter):
(2) Why invasion noway? Read that and see by your own self:

All the additional reasons you may well imagine and details you do not:
FROM TAHRIR SQUARE — following the Muslim revolution

Thus, please — for our children, since this situation may well lead to the beginning of World War 3 — join in the chorus.  Of course, there is nothing commercial here.
(1) Go to one of these 2 places in Facebook and simply click there:
(2) Or simply write down in your Twitter:
#NoAlaOTAN (in Spanish). Or: #NoToNATO . Or even both: #NoAlaOTAN = #NoToNATO

And let us pray.
We are doing live history. But, our history. Not theirs.
“It is the fellowship of God that must certainly triumph." — Koran 5:56