Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Israel Manipulating Wikipedia Content to Ensure that “What is Written” is “Zionist in Nature”

Towards a WW3 Scenario: The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran


By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:
"The stockpiling and deployment of advanced weapons systems directed against Iran started in the immediate wake of the 2003 bombing and invasion of Iraq. From the outset, these war plans were led by the US, in liaison with NATO and Israel."

James Tracy on the Sandy Hook Controversy

Shadow wars & no interventions, the US plan for Middle East & Asia: Escobar

Zionists dictate policy to Canada: Joshua Blakeney

Egypt revisits pre-revolutionary violence

US, a top terrorist state: Noam Chomsky

Monday, 28 January 2013

Jews in Iran

Outside the West no one is much concerned about Iran’s nuclear threat: Chomsky


The Voice of Russia:

"The West is obsessed with Iran’s nuclear threat. 'Whatever threat it is, the obvious way to try to deal with it is to move towards establishing a nuclear weapons free zone in the region', and the Arab world strongly supports this idea, said Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in an interview with the Voice of Russia. He also stressed that 'both the US and Israel military, the military and the intelligence communities' are opposed to military solution to the Iranian crisis, commented on US carrying out the sophisticated cyber war against Iran, and stated that US is not in a position to control Russian resources."

A Single Intelligence Network for a New World Order


By Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture Foundation:

"While budgets are being slashed by governments around the world, national intelligence agencies are not only flush with money but they are increasingly networking their resources against the «threat». What is the threat? It is whatever national leaders and their governments deem it to be. One day it is «Al Qaeda», the next day it is Iran, then North Korea, then global narco-terrorists, and so on and so on…"

America’s War on Africa Hidden Agenda: Containing China by “Fighting Al-Qaeda”


By Ben Schreiner, Global Research:
"France’s military intervention into Mali may at first glance appear to have little to do with the U.S. 'pivot' to Asia. But as a French mission supposedly meant to bolster a U.N. sanctioned and African-led intervention has gone from 'a question of weeks' to 'the total re-conquest of Mali,' what may have begun as a French affair has now become a Western intervention. And this in turn has drawn wider strategic interests into the conflict. Strategic interests, it is becoming clearer, shaped by the imperatives of the U.S. Asia pivot."

26th Islamic Unity Conference, Iran

'NATO pursues colonial agenda in Turkey'

"When are enough people going to be killed?"

Obama-Clinton Show: 'US at war with more states than it's been since 1945'

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chomsky on racism in USA

Israel’s Left Turn to the Far Right


By Jonathan Cook:

"Much of Israeli politics is myth-making – the creation of narratives based on illusions – and the country’s election last week was no exception. Commentators have been quick to characterize the result as a dramatic upset, with the right-wing led by Benjamin Netanyahu locked in a dead-heat with the left."

Bahrain's discrimination against Shias


Journalism is dead and buried in West


By Gordon Duff

"There are solutions. The first step is to recognize, once and for all, that the corporate media is totally controlled, to bring it to an accounting, not just for its lack of objectivity but its long history of criminal complicity in crimes, crimes of war, massive fraud, propaganda, racism, fomenting social and religious strife, espionage and even terrorism."

Syria's MB Propped Up by US Since 2007 Under Bush


by Tony Cartalucci:

"In 2007, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, 'To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers'. And even then, it was noted that the Brotherhood held close links with groups the US recognizes and lists as terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Al Qaeda."

Al Qaeda 3rd generation: exploiting unrest from Syria to Sahel


Interview with CIA veteran Bruce Riedel, a counterterrorism expert at the Brookings Institution think tank who has advised four US presidents

Syria: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops & Sabotage


This incisive article by veteran war correspondent  Felicity Arbuthnot was published by Global Research a year ago, on February 2, 2012.
You will not read it in the New York Times.
At a time of  mounting media fabrications –when “objective truths are fading” and  “lies are passing into history”– this analysis reveals the diabolical modus operandi of US-NATO terrorism and  how covert intelligence ops are applied to trigger conditions for the collapse of nation states. One of these “conditions” is the outright killing of  innocent civilians as part of a cover operation and then blaming president Bashar Al Assad of  have committed atrocities against his own people
Michel Chossudovsky,  Global Research , January 27, 2012

Assault on Gaza is Murder, Not War: Chris Hedges

Drone Doctrine

International media coverage of Bahrain revolution

Violence hikes in Egypt two years after revolution - debate

'Mali war will engulf most parts of Africa'

'West feeds Egypt unrest to make government follow its course'

Cairo clashes as Egypt marks 2 years of turmoil

Arab Elites Defend Economic Models that Gave Rise to Arab Spring, but Made Them Rich

Friday, 25 January 2013

Syria: the army advancing in Aleppo for the joy of the people

Netanyahu: The Face of Israeli Fascism


by Stephen Lendman:

"Israel under Netanyahu reflects Arundhadi Roy's view. Her book titled 'Field Notes on Democracy' explained. 
" 'What kind of India do they want,' she asked? 'A limbless, headless, soulless torso left bleeding under the butcher's clever with a flag driven deep into her mutilated heart?'
"She compared Hindu right wing persecution of Muslims to Hitler's war on Jews. Occupied Palestinians are treated the same way."

Remembering a young martyr in Bahrain

The Prophet Muhammad & multiculturality

Obama against Chinese Nuclear Great Wall


By Yusuf Fernandez:

"On January 2, US President Barack Obama signed the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which ordered the Commander of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to submit a report by August 15 on the 'underground tunnel network used by the People’s Republic of China with respect to the capability of the United States to use conventional and nuclear forces to neutralize such tunnels and what is stored within such tunnels.' ”

NATO in Syria: The Cost of a “New Libya”

Netanyahu bloc wins Israeli general election

Worldwide Recession: Forecast for Global Economic Growth


By Barry Grey, Global Research:
"The World Bank issued its biannual Global Economic Prospects report Tuesday, sharply downgrading its forecast for economic growth from its previous report released last June. The Washington-based international lending agency projected an expansion of the world economy in 2013 of only 2.4 percent, down from its forecast six months ago of 3.0 percent."

The Qatar Leaks: The Secret Business of Foreign Affairs


By Radwan Mortada, Al-Akhbar:

"Al-Akhbar publishes leaked minutes from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi discussing regional affairs – from Russia’s involvement in Syria to Gaddafi’s fall – with Qatari officials."

Qatar, Sponsor of Islamist Political Movements, Major Ally of America


By Nicola Nasser, Global Research:
"In his inaugural address on January 21, U.S. President Barack Obama made the historic announcement that “a decade of war is ending” and declared his country’s determination to “show the courage to try and resolve our differences with other nations peacefully,” but his message will remain words that have yet to be translated into deeds and has yet to reach some of the U.S. closest allies in the Middle East who are still beating the drums of war, like Israel against Iran and Qatar against Syria."

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Middle East To Far East: Pentagon And NATO Divide Up The World


”Meeting Today’s Security Challenges”
Introductory remarks by Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, NATO Deputy Secretary General at the ‘Munich Security Conference Kick-Off’ – Berlin, Germany

The Janus-faced King of Bahrain


By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare:

"When it comes to blatant hypocrisy, the King of Bahrain takes the cake. Outrageously ignoring the fact that he ordered citizens to be shot in the face, tortured and killed, he now poses as a man of peace who would like to have a 'national dialogue'."

The Arab winter and the revolutionary illusionists


By Hannes Hofbauer:

"One question is driving us in the face of the Arab revolts: how to assess it? The answer requires a sober view of the events."

New Scramble for Africa: Imperialism Plans “Decades of War”


By Bill Van Auken:
"The French intervention in Mali, followed by the bloody siege in Algeria, represents a turning point in what has emerged as a new imperialist scramble for Africa. With these events, following on the heels of the US-NATO war for regime-change in Libya and the Washington-backed sectarian civil war in Syria, mankind is witnessing a convulsive drive by the major powers to re-divide the world, its territories, markets and resources."

Gold & Geopolitics: US, Largest Reserves; China, Largest Producer


By Prof Michel Chossudovsky:
"Both the US dollar and the Euro currency systems are in crisis. During a period of waning currencies, where the value of money (in paper and/or electronic form) is tumbling, the strategic control over gold reserves and gold production is of paramount importance.
"The issue is not only who controls the stock of central bank gold reserves, but who, namely which countries, control the production of mine gold."

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rise of the Machines - Drones in USA

The Young Turks: Is This Endless War on Terror The New Normal?

War on terror forever


By Pepe Escobar:

"It's now official - coming from the mouth of the lion, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, and duly posted at the AFRICOM site, the Pentagon's weaponized African branch. 
"Exit 'historical' al-Qaeda, holed up somewhere in the Waziristans, in the Pakistani tribal areas; enter al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). In Dempsey's words, AQIM 'is a threat not only to the country of Mali, but the region, and if... left unaddressed, could in fact become a global threat'." 

'US, West wants no end to Syria crisis'

US: Threshold of Tyranny Passed - Keiser Report with Alex Jones

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mali: Africa's Afghanistan


By Pepe Escobar:

"One's got to love the sound of a Frenchman's Mirage 2000 fighter jet in the morning. Smells like... a delicious neo-colonial breakfast in Hollandaise sauce. Make it quagmire sauce. 
"Apparently, it's a no-brainer. Mali holds 15.8 million people - with a per capita gross domestic product of only around US$1,000 a year and average life expectancy of only 51 years - in a territory twice the size of France (per capital GDP $35,000 and upwards). Now almost two-thirds of this territory is occupied by heavily weaponized Islamist outfits. What next? Bomb, baby, bomb."

A Real Threat to Al Qaeda


Voltaire Network, by Kevin Ryan:
"Still imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, Abu Zoubeida is the main source of Western intelligence on Al Qaeda. He gave under torture the names of other leaders of the terrorist organization, who were arrested in turn and provided the information now in the hands of the U.S. authorities. In short, he is the main source of what the latter supposedly know about al-Qaida. Problem: it is now recognized that Abu Zoubeida was never a member of al-Qaeda and that his confessions under torture were made to end his suffering. Most of what the U.S. intelligence claims to know about Al-Qaida is a pure figment of Zoubeida’s fertile imagination. And all of it is wrong."

Japan Militarism Evocative of that Preceding WW2


Global Research, by Liu Gang:
"At the end of 2012, the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan won the country’s election. Its significance for Japan’s politics goes much further than the election itself.
"Japan’s economy is suffering. While Japan’s political parties are struggling to come up with policies to save the country, territorial disputes and the 'China threat' theory ignite public sentiment. There is no doubt that newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make use of these issues.'

'World Police' Protecting Corporate Interests in Africa: Henningsen

Assad defies the odds

'US concerned about rising power of Islam' - Kevin Barrett

'Mali conflict refuels Algeria civil war'

Saudi Arabia, the big oil & US foreign policy


'War for untapped resources cause of Mali chaos' - William Engdahl

Cleric Qadri: 'Best time for people's revolt in Pakistan is now'

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Preplanned Mali invasion reveals France's neo-colonialistic agenda


Information Clearing House - by Finian Cunningham:

"The speed and extent with which French warplanes have been deployed over the weekend in the West African country, Mali, point to a well-honed plan for intervention by the former colonial power.
"Indeed, such is the careful choreography of this salient military development that one could say that the French have finally given themselves a green light to execute a plan they had been pushing over several months. That plan is nothing less than the neocolonial re-conquest of its former colony in the strategically important West African region."

‘Mali a potential long-term, Afghanistan-like conflict for France’

US fascists ready to wage multiple wars


By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare:
"An idea is going the rounds that the American Treasury should mint a new coin. Not any old coin, but a $1,000,000,000,000 platinum one. If the zeros are right, that’s one trillion dollars. And, as long as there is room for some suitable words, it need not be very big either, only the size of an existing coin."

West’s policy towards African states: genocide

Via Press TV

Politics and Religion in Iraq and Syria: What is the Ba’ath Party?


By Jason Langley:
"The Ba’ath Party was made famous in the West by the late Iraqi dictator and one-time ally of the United States Saddam Hussein[1]. It is largely regarded in the West as something to be associated with the most 'evil of evils' since the 1991 Gulf War.
"As NATO/GCC backed mercenaries and ultra-conservative Islamic militias battle the Government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the Ba’ath Party is once more a phrase that is popping up in the Western mainstream media, mentioned in the kind of tones one would associate with when referring to Nazi Germany. But what exactly is the Ba’ath Party? How did it start? What does it actually stand for? And why are Western media consumers nagged into blind opposition against it by their leaders and the mainstream media?"

The Crisis of World Capitalism: the Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism


An Interview with Michael Lebowitz
By Socialist Project:
"Consider how different would be the situation in the current crisis in Canada if resource revenues were poured back into the economy for education and health and for building and modernizing economic activity – investments for the future as well as a means of mitigating (instead of exacerbating) the current crisis. Capitalism, as Chavez has said, is a perverse system – one which doesn’t care about human beings. We can use the opportunity of the current crisis to demonstrate how it is a system that we need to go beyond."

History of US slavery in Africa

Syria: 'University attack shows militiants despair' - Chossudovsky

The Ugly Canadian: Harper Policy in Latin America

'Mali mess a consequence of Libya revolution funded by the French'

Intervene, Get Cash, Intervene Again: 'US wars closed circle'

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shia Genocide: The US’ Role


By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

“Whoever helps in the killing of a believer even with a part of a word, he will meet Allah on the Day of Judgment with the following words written between his eyes: ‘Doomed from the mercy of Allah’,” said the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him).

Attack On Sovereignty


by Paul Craig Roberts

"Those concerned about 'The New World Order' speak as if the United States is coming under the control of an outside conspiratorial force. In fact, it is the US that is the New World Order. That is what the American unipolar world, about which China, Russia, and Iran complain, is all about."

War on Iraq: The Death of Dr. Kelly, An Open Case

'Mali in throes of genocide by US, UK, France'

'Every day was 9/11 for Vietnam': US war machine endures 40 years on

Mali Mayhem: 'French post-colonial ambition to spark African anger'

The Power of Nightmares - BBC

Noam Chomsky: The responsibility of privilege

‘Arab Spring’: 2 years on


By Andrei Ontikov:

"It is two years since the ouster of Tunisian President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali set off the domino chain of upheavals known as ‘the Arab Spring’. Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh followed Ben Ali in rapid succession, and now Bahrain and Syria are on the wave’s crest. So what next for the Arab world?"

Global Indigenous Rights Movement spreading

'No need for drone-assisted democracy in Yemen'

Monday, 14 January 2013

UK monarchy & the Malvinas dispute

'West faces long-drawn-out war in Mali'

'Militants don't seem to win in Syria'

Aaron Swartz: a prodigy going up against powers

What is behind Islam

Military Intervention in Mali: Special Operation to Recolonize Africa


Alexander Mezyaev:

"The military operation in Mali launched on January 11 is another vivid example of special activities aimed at recolonization of the African continent. It’s an orderly and consistent capture of new African territories by Western powers. They have got hold of Sudan by dismembering it (taking away the oil deposits from the major part of the country), the Nigerian oilfields have been captured in accordance with the International Court of Justice rulings, (1), Libya has been captured as a result of direct military intervention, Cote D’Ivoire has been conquered thanks to a small-scale military action conducted under the aegis of the United Nations. The way to do the things differ, but the result is the same. The process of recolonization picks up momentum in Africa…"

Mali’s Tuareg-Uranium Conspiracy


By Moeen Raoof

Russia will not cave into US over Syria: Tarpley

'Assad enjoys support of millions across Syria'

'Israel pursues ethnic cleansing policy'

Saturday, 12 January 2013

"Untold History of the United States", by Oliver Stone

US out of Afghanistan: Mission Impossible?

'West media silent on Bahrain crimes'

Yemeni public to resist US domination

Afghan war, dead weight around Obama's neck: Gareth Porter

'Mali intervention may lead to nightmare'

'Russian warships near Syria: warning to US, NATO'

Russian Documentary: The Human Cost of the Crisis in Syria

'US miscalculated China-Japan row'

The label "terrorist" now confined to Muslims

Gitmo 'medieval torture chamber' turns 11

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Japanese-Chinese War In The East China Sea?


"China may fall into military conflict with Japan eventually."

'US divided Iraqis on sectarian lines'

US ignites factional violence in Syria: Chossudovsky

NATO Enters Phase 3 Of Its Global Expansion


The Voice of Russia interviews Rick Rozoff, owner and manager of the Stop NATO:

"NATO is engaged in completing phase 3 of its post-Cold War global expansion, and the global nature of what once was the 'North Atlantic' alliance is now official, says the owner and manager of the Stop NATO website Rick Rozoff in part one of a 2012 year-end summary interview on the activities of NATO. He also talks about NATO’s military activity in regards to 'partners across the globe', a bilateral organization of cooperation which initially consisted of 8 countries, all in the Asia-Pacific region: Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan."

CIA turns into military force, targets countries it's not at war with: Paul Craig Roberts

The Morning After

A reconstruction of the life of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated on January 10, 2012

Will There Be A WW3?


By Sergei Vasilenkov:

"International analysts have launched a debate about the probability of a start of a new world war. The plans to deploy Patriot missile defense systems on the Turkish-Syrian border were another excuse for this discussion. There are allegations that the threat from Syria is only an imaginary cause of the deployment, and in reality it has to do with Iran and its nuclear potential."

US-led NATO's excuse to wage war on Syria

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Syria Endgame: Strategic Stage in the Pentagon’s Covert War on Iran


By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya:
"Since the kindling of the conflict inside Syria in 2011, it was recognized, by friend and foe alike, that the events in that country were tied to a game plan that ultimately targets Iran, Syria’s number one ally. [1] De-linking Syria from Iran and unhinging the Resistance Bloc that Damascus and Tehran have formed has been one of the objectives of the foreign-supported anti-government militias inside Syria. Such a schism between Damascus and Tehran would change the Middle East’s strategic balance in favour of the US and Israel."

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Libya: the Revenge after Gaddafi

West waging phony wars across globe: Sherwood Ross

Assad's new initiative to end Syria crisis - Analysis

Bloody chaos in Syria attracts foreign jihadists

Obama Allowing Indefinite Detention & Assassinations with No Oversight

China, Russia, US Global Domination & New Security Architecture


By Victor Larin (Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences):

"In the extreme instability of the modern world, we all see what is happening in Europe, Africa, South Asia and even North America, stable and strategic relations between Russia and China have a special value. They are important not only for our two countries but also to the world.
"In the international arena China is a close friend and partner, at least up until now, especially in the face of, if not a common enemy, a shared aggravator, the US’ desire to dominate forever and everywhere. That is the basic approach of the US’ policies, which go against the interests of China and Russia."

Saturday, 5 January 2013

US renews war on Iranian media

'State of Palestine' torn in two by Gaza & West Bank policies

Endless War Is a Feature of US Policy


By Washington's Blog:
"We are in the middle of a perpetual series of wars. See this, this, this and this.
"As just one example, in 2010 the war in Afghanistan became the longest war in U.S. history.  But – no matter what you’ve heard – there are no plans to get out any time soon."

Friday, 4 January 2013

US on Iran in 2013: continued deadlock or new opening?


By Mahdi Mohammadi, Expert on Strategic Issues, Iran Review:
"Will the United States be able to turn the beginning of 2013 into a turning point for it strategy toward Iran? The visible signs related to this premise have not been very promising so far. From Iran's viewpoint, a change in Washington’s proposals – if such a change is actually on the agenda – without a parallel change in its strategy will be only a tactical step aimed at diverting possible negotiations in a direction which will lead to escalation of pressures on Iran or influence on Iran's domestic environment in the run-up to the forthcoming presidential election."

Syria & the Gateway to WW3 - Nile Bowie

Chomsky: The Gravest Threat to World Peace


By Noam Chomsky:

"Americans can hardly be aware of how diplomacy has once again failed, for a simple reason: Virtually nothing is reported in the United States about the fate of the most obvious way to address 'the gravest threat' – Establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East."

Preparing for WW3, Targeting Iran


By Prof Michel Chossudovsky