Friday, 30 March 2012

Europe's Path to the 19th Century

Humanitarianism: The Face of Modern Imperialism


By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya:

"Humanitarian wars are a modern form of imperialism. The standard pattern that the United States and its allies use to execute them is one where genocide and ethnic cleansing are alleged by a coalition of governments, media organizations, and non-governmental front organizations which are preceded by sanctions, isolation, and military intervention. This is the post-Cold War modus operandi of the United States and NATO."

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

‘We must expel Arabs and take their place’ - 1937 Ben-Gurion letter corrected


Modoweiss - by Adam Horowitz:
" On 3 November 2011, the self-appointed media watchdog CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) informed the Journal of Palestine Studies of an incorrect citation in an article by Illan Pappé ('The 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine') published in its autumn 2006 issue. The incorrect citation referred to a quotation by Israeli founding father David Ben-Gurion supporting the expulsion (“transfer”) of Arabs from Palestine."
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From Bosnia to Syria: Is History Repeating Itself?


Global Research - by Benjamin Schett:
"Anyone closely following the ongoing crisis in Syria will notice that the desire for reforms is coming from a large part of the Syrian population which has no ties to the armed insurgency supported by foreign powers. These groups, many of them Wahhabi or Salafi terrorists, constitute a serious threat to the unity of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christian and Druze living together in a sovereign secular state."


"Cultivate Hope": a poem for Hana Shalabi


Dr. Nada Dhaif Against Ongoing Crackdown in Bahrain

Monday, 26 March 2012

I Want My Sunni Back


Al-Akhbar English  - By  Sharmine Narwani:
"There is something quite unique about the Middle East’s 'Resistance Axis' which includes Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas and a smattering of smaller groups opposed to western imperialism and zionism.
"It is the only major grouping or alliance in the region that includes 1) Arab and Iranian, 2) Sunni and Shia, 3) Islamist and Secularist.
"Syria is a much harder problem. Hamas officials tell me that the reason for vacating their political office in Damascus is because other nationals were refusing to meet them in Syria. But let’s be honest, the sectarian undercurrents in both Syria and the region – fanned heavily by Saudis, Qataris, Salafists and the western cabal hyper-focused on Iran – are putting the screws on Hamas.
"The group is under tremendous pressure from these parties to break from the Resistance Axis, which many have disparagingly dubbed the 'Shiite Crescent.' They have offered money, incentives, sanctuary to Hamas. They have used threats. They have invoked the 'Brotherhood' of the Sunni. But then consider this: why, a year later, are we are still uncertain of Hamas’ position regarding its alliance with Iran, Hezbollah and Syria.
"And Resistance itself might change, as one Hamas official hinted to me. If sectarianism can be contained, when this ferocious geopolitical Battle of the Blocs is over, we might perhaps even see a clean sweep from the Persian Gulf to North Africa of people rejecting foreign hegemony and zionism. This is what the Old Guard fears most – and the vast majority of Arabs, Iranians, Sunni, Shia, Islamists and Secularists wholeheartedly support.
"It will take some time, but I will have my Sunni back."


R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name - Pepe Escobar


Saudi invasion of Bahrain: The Alliance against Revolutions


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Palestine Is Still The Issue - John Pilger


Does Serbia remember NATO bombings?


The Voice of Russia  - Yelena Guskova, PhD (history), the head of the Centre for Analysing Contemporary Balkan Crisis at the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
"On the 24th of March 13 years ago, a spate of NATO  bombs was dropped on a peaceful European country. The March-June 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia, carried out under the pretext of the alliance's concern for the plight of the allegedly deprived Albanian population of Kosovo and Metohija, lasted for 78 days.
"In reality, it was a brutal punishment for Belgrade's refusal to cooperate with NATO, waive its sovereignty and replace its long-standing leader Slobodan Milosevic."


Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda


Global Research - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky:
"With Al Qaeda, however, there are no verifiable "facts" and "concepts", because Al Qaeda has evolved into a media mythology, a legend, an invented ideological construct, used as a tool of media disinformation and war propaganda.
"Al Qaeda constitutes a stylized, fake and almost folkloric abstraction of terrorism, which permeates the inner consciousness of millions of people around the World.
"Reference to Al Qaeda has become a dogma, a belief, which most people espouse unconditionally.
"Is this political indoctrination? Is it brain-washing? If so what is the underlying objective?"

Friday, 23 March 2012

The roads leading to disaster - Fidel Castro Ruz


Fidel Castro Ruz:
"This Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without any risk of being mistaken. Our species is confronting new problems. When I stated 20 years ago at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, that a species was in danger of extinction, I had fewer reasons than today to warn of a danger, one which could perhaps be perceived as 100 years distant. At that time, a few leaders of the most powerful countries were managing the world. They applauded my words out of mere courtesy and placidly continued digging our species’ grave."


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Global March to Jerusalem, March 30, 2012


Global Research, The Global March to Jerusalem:
"The Global March to Jerusalem is a global peaceful movement which does not use violence to achieve its goals."


Syria: "Revolution" or Barbaric Conspiracy?

Palestine: I am the Resistance

Kony 2012 and the promotion of “humanitarian” wars


World Socialist Web Site - Andre Damon:
"Far from being a force for peace, the US government is the greatest propagator of war, poverty and social misery. It does not respond to or represent the humanitarian and democratic impulses of the people, but seeks only to exploit these sentiments and channel them behind support for military conquest."


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

David Swanson: 'Thousands of deaths in Iraq go without comment'


Chossudovsky's "Towards a World War III Scenario": The Real Imperialist Agenda


Review of Michel Chossudovsky's book, by Finian Cunningham:
""Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is a book that cuts through the chaos and deception to show the reader exactly how and why humanity is facing an existential threat. It is a wake-up call that the world is being pushed towards catastrophic conflict."


UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza


Syria: Boy touched the Hearts of Millions

Friday, 16 March 2012

Launching the U.S. Terror War: the CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia


Global Research, The Asia-Pacific Journal -  by Prof. Peter Dale Scott:
"Writing as a Canadian, let me say that I believe in American exceptionalism, and that at one time America was truly exceptional in its unprecedented replacement of authoritarian with limited constitutional government. Today America is still exceptional, but for its percentage of citizens who are incarcerated, for its disparity in wealth and income between rich and poor (a ratio exceeded among large nations only by China), and for its wanton use of lethal power abroad.
"Only the last of these trends began with 9/11. But 9/11 itself should be seen as a dialectical outcome of America’s imperial expansion and simultaneous decay -- a process inevitably afflicting those superstates that amass and retain more power than is necessary for the orderly management of their own affairs."


Monday, 12 March 2012

Hizb-ut-Tahrir: the new face of Islam


The Voice of Russia -  Interview with Dr. Emmanuel Karagiannis (based with the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, at the University of Macedonia at Thessaloniki, in Greece):
"Bearing in mind that the Arab spring developments have somehow brought them to the fore of the political landscape, if we look at the Arab Spring – this is one situation, but then there similar organizations operating in locations like the Central Asia and one of them is Hizb-ut-Tahrir which is basically a very important player but so little is known about it to the broader public. So, what kind of organization is that? Do I get it right that it is really an international network?"


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Eisenhower doctrine: 55 years on


The Voice of Russia - by Ilya Kharlamov:
"No matter who is the next U.S. president, the course for domination over the Middle East will continue, but the tools may be different. The   “Arab spring” has shown that the arsenal of weapons for toppling authoritarian rulers and energizing the opposition is constantly being improved and now includes the Internet and nongovernmental organizations financed from abroad."


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power - The Lessons of History


Global Research - by Prof. James Petras
"In other words, modern China , as a world power, is incomparably stronger than it was in early 18th century.  The US does not have the colonial leverage that the ascendant British Empire possessed in the run-up to the Opium Wars.  Moreover, many Chinese intellectuals and the vast majority of its citizens have no intention of letting its current 'Westernized compradors' sell out the country.  Nothing would accelerate political polarization in Chinese society and hasten the coming of a second Chinese social revolution more than a timid leadership submitting to a new era of Western imperial pillage."


'Putin to challenge world order that Washington wants'

Sunday, 4 March 2012

How to Fund an American Police State: Real Money for an Imaginary War


TomDispatch - By Stephan Salisbury:
"The chances of an American dying in a terrorist incident in a given year are 1 in 3.5 million. To reduce that risk, to make something minuscule even more minuscule, what has the nation spent? What has it cost us? Instead of rebuilding a ravaged American city in a timely fashion or making Americans more secure in their 'underwater' homes and their disappearing jobs, we have created militarized police forces, visible evidence of police-state-style funding."

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NGOs: The Missionaries of Empire


Global Research - by Devon DB:

"Non-governmental organizations are an increasingly important part of the 21st century international lanscape performing a variety of humanitarian tasks pertaining inter alia to issues of poverty, the environment and civil libertites.However, there is a dark side to NGOs. They have been and are currently being used as tools of foreign policy, specifically with the United States. Instead of using purely military force, the US has now moved to using NGOs as tools in its foreign policy implementation, specifically the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and Amnesty International.
"While NGOs can have a positive influence on society at large, one must be aware of their backgrounds, who is in charge of them, and from whom they are getting funding from because the nature of the NGO is changing, it is being more and more integrated into the imperial apparatus of domination and exploitation. NGOs are fast becoming the missionaries of empire."

Friday, 2 March 2012

Build up to WW3: US, the biggest threat to world peace


Mafia Principle Of Global Hegemony: Noam Chomsky


Imam Musa Sadr, Flag-bearer of Islamic Awakening


International Quran News Agency:
"Imam Musa Sadr, who made a lot of struggles in support of the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini (RA) and called on people to stand up against oppression and injustice, was the flag-bearer of Islamic awakening in the Muslim world."