Friday, 10 September 2010

Praise be to God alone!

Today ends the Ramadan, a period of one month fasting during the day for, in short, remembering the message of the Quran. So, today is the day of the conclusion of such an effort (Eid) and in such a way that, on upcoming to house of worship (mushid: Mosque), Muslims are supposed to proclaim aloud especially such a declaration: "God is the Greatest! There is no god but God! Praise be to God alone!” — “Allahu-akbar! Laa-ilaha ill'Allah! Wa-lillah'il-hamd!”.
The first of such exclamations is the one that probably more identifies the Muslims, for we always see them employing it in protest demonstrations: “Allahu-akbar! Allahu-akbar! Allahu-akbar!” — “God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest!”
The ignorant biased and arrogant is just tempted to think then that such a statement could not be a thing other than that of a Muslim, so simple-minded is. However, the vast majority of us who were educated in this part of the world controlled by the white man does not even imagine that this motto, in addition to summarizing perfectly well the most important point of the message of the Quran, resembles the one that in Europe only was employed 500 years later by an English saint as a logical argument to demonstrate the existence of God, and with such a relevancy that until today nor even the linguistics was able to refute it convincingly. Anselm — which certainly was a man of God — said: "God is that than which a greater cannot be thought!"
Well. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that any common Latin-American, on hearing such expression, would not react but like any child as well: "That is it! It is logic! God is the Greatest!" This is the spirit inherent to the message of Quran, to that which the Muslims have to say to us while a people like us who persists, despite all the suffering is inflicted on them, in believing in God, in life, and in the final victory of the Good on the earth: the victory of the friends of God.
Koran 5: 56: "It is the Fraternity of God that must certainly triumph"