Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Chilean 9/11: a forgotten tale — Farooq Yousaf


The Faultlines - By Farooq Yousaf:

"Thinking of 9/11, scenes of chaos in 2001 — of the Twin Towers plane crashes, the Pentagon crash and havoc in the US — come to our minds, but unfortunately, the world has forgotten another important event in world history that not only shook Chile but also a major part of South America.
"It was the same date, September 11, in 1973 that the Chilean President, Salvador Allende, was overthrown by an army general, Augusto Pinochet, with the presidential palace bombarded on Pinochet’s orders. Allende died resisting Pinochet’s men and Chile, along with five other South American states, entered into a phase of tyranny and oppression."